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Technology; the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. But what does that mean? Most products in this modern world are technology; from the creation of fire to things as advanced as an automaton. These inventions are advancing at a rapid pace on account of scientists keep moving forward; but how much further will we progress? Consequently, we have no idea what will come next with these developments, but people might receive that as an excellent sign. Either way, the fact remains: technology is progressing, advancing, and increasing all over the world, but we have no idea what the future will hold for these machines. Notwithstanding, robots are detrimental to society for a profuse amount of reasons; they cause emotional trickery, give people false ideas of relationships, and could even replace human control.
Although robots can imitate human emotions, they do not have real feelings; their deception can only go so far. As portrayed in the article “Why These Friendly Robots Can’t Be Good Friends to Our Kids” by The Washington Post adapted by Newsela, robots can easily trick people, especially younger children, into believing that they have feelings that the typical human would have. The author writes that “The children took the robots’ behavior to signify feelings. When the robots interacted with them, the children took this as evidence that the robots liked them. When the robots didn’t work as expected, the children took it

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