Roles And Ideas Of The Populist Movement During The Era Of Reform

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The roles and ideas of the populist movement and progressives during the era of reform were to get reforms and other important things passed and to free corruption. This brought changes to political, economical, and brought social benefits. Progressives included both women and men from different ethnic groups and social classes. A lot of people believed that Industrialization and urbanization brought a lot of bad problems, including horrible treatment of the workers, which as we all know many people didn't like but not many people did something about it. Progressivism appealed lower class, middle class and upper class.Everyone wanted to protect the weakest members of society like women, children, the sick and the poor. The roles were made to make the society better.

The evolution of progressivism happened around the beginning of the 20th century. The progressive movement focused on the society and how people were wanting to make it a better place to work, and live in. They wanted a positive …show more content…

One of the main limitations were the laws, they stopped people from fair competition for benefits of consumers. Many Progressives supported a lot of the limitations because they wanted to destroy or ruin political power that most people did not want or need. At the same time women suffrage was brought up and disguised because women wanted equal rights or the same rights that men have. One accomplishment was women's rights, women wanted the right to vote just like men have the right to vote. Many activist joined protest groups to stop the local government because the government was corrupt and was not needed. Education was another one of the many accomplishments, education became better because corruption had ended, that means women and children could get the education they wanted and

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