Solicitor Role

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A solicitor is a legal profession that handles primary office work. Solicitors represent clients in small court matters. They provide clients with legal information and advice. Some solicitors work in private practice. The work of solicitors varies and sometimes depends on their clients.
Depending on the area they work in, solicitors can advise on different kinds of issues, which are: personal issues, for example, landlord and tenant agreements, commercial work, for example, advising on complex corporate transactions and protecting the rights of individuals, for example, making sure they receive compensation if treated unfairly (, n.d.).

Role of Solicitor
Both a solicitor and barrister play major roles within the law community, the role of a solicitor is as follows: to provide clients with information that they need to know about and clear service to individuals, families, businesses, large companies and organisations. Solicitors offer legal advice to their clients.
A solicitor prepares the information and papers that’s needed for court. Meeting and interviewing clients, taking he clients instructions, researching and analysing documents to ensure there’s no mistakes made and that all documents are properly prepared to ensure the accuracy of advice and procedure.
A solicitor’s role varies as solicitors can
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Judges are unbiased decision makers in the pursuit of justice. The advertised system of justice-legal cases are contests between opposing sides, which ensures that evidence and legal arguments will be fully and forcefully presented. The judge remains above the fray. Many criminal cases are mostly heard by a judge sitting without a jury. The judge is the “trier of fact,” deciding whether the evidence provided is genuine or real and being able to tell which witnesses are telling the
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