Roman Republic And Athens Similarities

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Explain the differences and similarities between the state in Ancient Athens and the Roman Republic:

The state in Ancient Athens and in the Roman Republic were very influential to recent governments. Both of these states have contributed a lot to the states of the western world, providing ideas such as democracy and other political principles. Ancient Athens also influenced the state of the Roman Republic with it’s many political ideas. However, there were differences between these two states even though they were similar. These differences can be accounted to the differences in the two countries themselves. This essay will aim to discuss how similar and different the state was in these two periods of history.

The political state in Athens was a democracy from 612BC and lasted for roughly 2 centuries. The state changed over time with gradual constitutional reforms put in place by …show more content…

In ancient Athenian times, women held the familial role of mother and wife. Women in ancient Athens had very little rights and were often secluded. Women also didn’t have many rights and were often left uneducated. This contrasts greatly to how women were treated in the Roman Republic. In the Roman Republic, women were given more rights. Women were able to own property, were able to file for divorce and so on. The women from the Roman Republic, although were still on treated as well as they are today, still had increasingly more rights than the women in Ancient Athens. This is a significant difference in the two states as women were able to influence their husbands more in the Roman Republic. In Ancient Athens, women would not be able to have a say in decisions made. In the Roman Republic, women could have some sort of influence over their husbands as they were held in higher regard. Therefore, we can see a key difference in the two states, once again due to their differences in

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