Roman Tribune In Julias Caesar

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A tribune was a very powerful and key part of an empire. They had the ability to veto the acts of consuls and lower magistrates. Their main three concerns were the people, the law, and the government. Overall their main job was to protect the people from the government and they would do anything to accomplish this. In the story of Julias Caesar, a Roman tribune contributes to his murder. Tribunes were highly respected and loved. (It was their duty to protect persons against the acts of magistrates, but they could also initiate prosecutions of offenders against the state. From 300 bc most legislation was introduced by tribunes because the legislative process in the plebeian assembly was less cumbersome than in the centuriate assembly (see comitia). …show more content…

So it's safe to say that all those men that were tribunes had killed many men and probably had become pretty hard on the inside. Which means that a tribune could easily plan a way to kill someone, go through with it and most likely not feel any remorse. I'm not saying they were all like that but I can imagine that if you had killed many men you'd probably be pretty hard hearted too. Casca was among one of the greatest tribunes there was: Flavius aetius. Flavius was friends with murelace in the story. Marcus vipsanius, Constantine the great, Gnaeus pompeius magnus,were also some great tribunes during that era. Cassieus was a ambitious general and acquaintance of Caesars He was also a friend of casca. Caesar made it pretty clear that he didn't like Cassius anyway so it makes sense why he went along with the assassination plot. Since the tribune had so much power he could easily change the course of someone's future. Casca seems like a decent man, and he most likely did his job very well. They were charged with the task of taking care of the people and their rights while also obeying the government, so they were the mediator. I would say this was a less desirable job because of how hard it must have

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