Romeo And Juliet Friar Essay

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The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Friar is a liar… A Meddler…and irrational! That began the awful tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. We can say that Friar seems like an intelligent and reasonable man, however, have his actions prove otherwise! Friar is guilty because he married Romeo and Juliet in secret, thinking it would resolve the dispute between the two feuding families. He conjures up a ridiculous plan when Romeo gets banished from Verona to allow Juliet to meet him in secret. We will explore all of the flaws in this plan and how it affected Romeo and Juliet. In brief, we will be analyzing the roles and responsibilities of Friar, his actions and motivations and their direct and indirect consequences. Friar’s role in life is to be a priest who is a role model. People confide their problems with him and he provides advice. The citizens of Verona look up to Friar so he should have been a good role model. His other job is to marry young couples. Friar thinks he his doing his rightful duty to marry Romeo and Juliet. Did Friar actually do a good job? Why didn’t Friar tell anyone he married this couple? Friar has righteous motives. He stated, “For this alliance may so happy prove, to turn you household rancour to pure love.” How does Friar expect his plan to go correctly? Friar says, “These violent delights have violent ends.” …show more content…

Their death would off been prevented if this ridiculous and outrageous plan was never conjured up by the Friar. Like wise these hidden lies, ruined these young children’s lives. Furthermore, Friar should’ve known the consequences of his actions and that’s why he is at fault. Sadness continues to unfold when the star-crossed lovers are discovered dead. Thanks to Friar they’re family is grieving over their losses. Romeo and Juliet were young, and thanks to Friar they never got too see much of their love awake

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