Romeo Peach Research Paper

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“You’re a peach!”

If anyone has ever told you this, you know it’s a compliment. To be a peach is to be sweet, adorable, and special. So a festival that’s chock-full of actual peaches is bound to be something truly extraordinary.

This is the Romeo Peach Festival’s 84th anniversary, and it only gets bigger and better with every passing year. This year the festival will feature some spectacular carnival rides, great live entertainment, 5K and 10K races, a car show, a parade, and KidFest (which includes a bicycle decorating contest, pie eating contest, water balloon toss and more, for kids 14 and under.) There’s even a Peach Queen and royal Peach Court—this year, those roles are filled by Mianna Gonczar and Shelby VanOphem. And, of course, there are always delicious peaches and peach products at various stands all over the festival. I spent two days in Savannah, Georgia this summer—the peach capital of the USA—and I still believe that Romeo’s peaches could compete with Georgia’s any day. …show more content…

The festival is a wonderful way to spend your Labor Day weekend, September 3rd-7th—so bring the whole family to this peachy-keen summer

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