Ronald Reagan's Influence On American History

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Ronald Reagan was a mediocre film actor. He will never have made what in the entertainment world the A list which is a high level of acting like Clark Gable or Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart. Regan was relegated through the 30,40, 50, to roles in B-movies including Bedtime for Bozo (1951). When Reagan became a well know politician and his undistinguished career in Hollywood most politician saw him as no treated but they were dead wrong.
Ronald Reagan became one of the most influential political leader of the modern work and a hero for the people of United States of America. Only one President can be compare to Reagan’s Presidency and that is President Franklin D. Roosevelts from 1933 to 1945, was equaled in same social and ideology and political impact.

Regan’s huge impact on the American History was in part a matter of good timing. Like Franklin Roosevelt won the elections in 1932 as Reagan won in 1980, when …show more content…

Many of Reagan’s firmness led the destruction and downfall of the evil empire. In 1991, Reagan aggressive policies toward the Soviet Union was a factor that ended the cold war. In the other hand his opposition said that only the good fortune of sane leadership in Moscow save us all from the nuclear apocalypse. Reagan diplomatic legacy was more that his admires or critics are likely to admit. Reagan did led his country to a victory in the cold war but his great accomplishment came in his second term in office when he abandoned his earlier stance toward the soviet and took a more flexible stance to better the relations with a reformist and leader of the soviet union Mikhail Gorbachev by acting as Gorbachev partner as much as his enemy. Reagan help to the fall of the” Evil Empire” peacefully. By working with Gorbachev rather than against him Ronald Reagan help to strengthen the growing spirit of reform within the Soviet

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