Rosa Parks In The 1950's

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Do you ever wonder how it was back in the olden days more specifically in the 1950s? During the 1950’s, there was segregation on public buses and during that time there was a woman named, Rosa Parks who was African American. Rosa Parks was on the bus and when the bus was full, the bus driver asked her to move to the back of the bus. Parks refused to give up her seat and ended up being arrested. Parks was arrested, a protest was organized called the Montgomery Bus Boycott and mostly african Americans were involved in the boycott. The reason for the boycott was because of the segregation on buses as well as Parks being arrested. When the one day boycott was successful the Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA) decided to have …show more content…

Board of Education that segregation in many places like public schools, drinking fountains, waiting rooms, restaurants, and on buses is illegal. The sergreation on the buses involved African Americans having to sit in the back of the bus. If the bus happens to get full, they would have to give up their seats for the white riders. In the Britannica, it states “Local laws dictated that African American passenger sat at the back of the bus while whites sat in front.” It’s crazy to think that really happened back then.Then a group of African American minister came together to come up with a strategy which ending up being a one day boycott. Once they decide to have the one day boycott on December 5 they announced it during sunday services as well as newspapers and published front pages …show more content…

Rosa Parks an African American women being one person standing in what she believes even though she may have know what was going to happen. To a group of African American minister coming together to plan a strategy so they could protest about segregation on buses. To also say how a one day boycott was such a susscue to it leading to another one that lasted 381 days which then ended the boycott because they finally ruled that segregation on buses was unconstitutional. Receiving all great information from a History Alive Textbook to a online article. A History Alive textbook was one of the sources I used to research my group and an online article being my second source. I determine the textbook being credible because it is a textbook that teachers give studies to learn about history through time as well as it being written to be used in schools so it has to creible for studies. How I determined my second source being credible was it being encyclopedia and it is also a general knowledge english language encyclopedia (Encyclopedia Britannica). Also it was written about 100 times full time editors and abou 400 contributors. Here are some questions I would still like to know about my research the first one being one did the protest take 381 days? What began segregation in the first place is my second questions. Last but not least were there any

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