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Introduction Rose quartz is a pale pink to rose-red variety of quartz. Quartz is the second most plentiful mineral found in the Earth’s crust. Rose Quartz occurs only in massive formations, with no crystal faces, edges or points. It is often hazy or turbid; therefore it lacks good transparency. It also contains microscopic fibers, which can on occasion produce a cat’s eye or star effect within the stone. Rose quartz crystals are formed when the pressure within the earth pushes molten lava into cracks and crevices. Within these fissures minerals, usually titanium, iron, or manganese, begin to mix with other minerals, and it is during this process that rose quartz crystals begin to form. The first rose quartz crystals were found near Rumford, Maine, USA, but today most crystals come from Minas Gerais, Brazil. Rose Quartz - Ancient Lore and Legends …show more content…

It is a powerful aphrodisiac which will stimulate sensual imagination. [Megemont, 158] • It can help to attract love, strength a romantic relationship, and encourage unconditional love. • It can help to reestablish trust, and to strengthen emotional bonds. [Hall, 236] Therefore, it is a good crystal to place upon the stomach of a pregnant woman to help in establishing a loving bond with the unborn child. [Eason, 40] • When placed under a pillow at night it will encourage tranquil dreams, and thus prevent nightmares or night terrors. In addition, it can help children to not be terrified of the dark. [Eason, 50] • It provides a calming energy, so it is excellent to use in traumatic situations. In addition, this calming energy will help in comforting grief. [Hall, 236] • Unpolished Rose Quartz when placed in a work environment will provide protection against intrusion and gossip. [Eason, 50] In addition, it is professional guardian crystal for beauty consultants. [Mella,

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