Argumentative Essay On Rouge Sharks

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This essay will be exploring rouge sharks and will be expressing an informed opinion on why they should be conserved in most of the situations. In this essay points that will be discussed will be not limited to how sharks kill a relatively small amount of people, that sharks do not enjoy eating people and that.
The main point that I would like to get across is that sharks do not like to eat people, after one bite they generally don’t come back for another taste as we as people don’t have enough fat or flesh on our body for a shark to bother eating us along with the fact that we are very bony compared to a sharks regular prey such as seals, smaller fish and even other smaller sharks which means that the sharks have evolved to digest those animals with small bones or hardened cartridge and not our big thick bones.
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To conclude, the ocean is ultimately the sharks home and it has been for millions of years and we are intruding on it though all of the point brought forward you can clearly see that rouge sharks should be let go sharks kill barley any people compared to a lot of others, they don’t go out of their way to eat humans and the general public is convinced by the media that sharks are evil man eaters this leads me to believe that sharks should be let be evacuate the beach and let the shark move on, once the shark has moved on think of shark prevention tactics such as nets, shark shields, extra patrols

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