Rough And Tumble Play Research Paper

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Rough and tumble play is universal children’s activity. Rough and tumble play is also a “big body play”, rough housing, horse play or play fighting. The organized play forms with older children has many names called as King of the mountain, Red Rover, Freeze Tag, Steal the Bacon, Duck-Duck-Goose and son on. Toddlers begin to learn running chasing, fleeing, and open-palm tagging, swinging around, wrestling and falling to the ground often on top of each other.
Rough play is a valuable play style from infancy through early childhood years. Children’s rough and tumble play may resemble as real fighting but it is not an actual fighting, it is one of the most challenging of children’s behavior. Families and teachers need to understand and support them. Teachers and parents may have some misconceptions about rough play that can lead to injury. So they neglect and defuse this play style.
In Rough play, children’s faces are usually smiling and laughing, children
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• Develop policies and rules
• General rules:
a) No hitting
b) No pinching
c) No kicking
d) No choking
e) Keep hands away from head and hair
f) Do not play rough while standing- kneeling only
g) Stop when the other person says or signals stop.
• Develop children’s self-regulation, self-care skills and mindfulness.
• Remind children about their safety when he or she is playing.
• Supervise and Intervene in children’s play
Parents and caregivers need to ensure the surrounding environment is as safe as possible like:
• Make sure that hard edges are rounded or not.
• Rugs skid free
• Space around the children is comfortable or not
• Is the area free of slippery hazard
• Environment that supports rough and tumble play.
When adults learn to recognize the benefits of rough play then they will allow and support the children to play. Children who participate in big body play will have the ability to cooperate, follow and lead a successful life in

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