Russell Means: The Last Of The Mohicans

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Russell Means is a Native American. He was born on November 10, 1939 and grew up in the Oglala Sioux tribe. He passed away on October 22, 2012. He is well-known as a political activist, a writer, and an actor. In 1960, he took the lead in the American Indian Movement for the purpose reclaiming the land sovereignty for the American Indians. In addition, he was also a leader of an armed takeover of Wounded Knee, South Dakota in 1973. Besides that, he is known in the famous movie, The Last of the Mohicans. In 1995, he published his autobiography through the book Where White Men Fear to Tread, and this is one of the most popular books of Russell Means. In my opinion, Means was originally from the American Indians, so he could understand the feeling
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