Sadness And Hope In Tim Green's Lost Boy

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Tim Green was born on December 19, 1963 in Liverpool, New York. Green loved sports and in 1986 he got drafted into the Atlanta Falcons NFL Team. Green wrote books about sports. He mainly focused on baseball and football. One book that I read which he wrote was Lost Boy. Lost Boy was about a boy named Ryder and his mom living together in an apartment. They have always had each other’s back through any issue. But then one day, Ryder’s mom got into an accident and ended up in the hospital fighting for her life. Green has a style of sadness and excitement throughout his books. This is what catches the attention of the audience. In the book Lost Boy, Green had the tone of sadness as the mom was fighting for her life. The story also has adventures …show more content…

One of the quotes in the book that represent fear was when Ryder was at the hospital with Doyle (the firefighter that took his mom to the hospital) to check on her. Ryder held his breath, then exhaled the name. “Jimmy Trent.” (pg. 117 line 2) His mom closed her eyes, and her face went slack. Ryder’s attention jumped to the machines. Everything stayed the same, a steady beep and steady wave of green lines going up and down. “Mom?” Ryder put his hand on her forehead. (pg.117 paragraph 5) In this quote, Ryder felt fear that his mom’s heart stopped so he jumped and looked at the machines. Doyle is an example of someone who cares because after the accident, Doyle has been coming and making sure Ryder was doing okay. So in one of the quotes, Doyle is taking Ryder to see his om which shows much care in his heart. Ryder frowned and turned away. “Hey don’t shut me out like that. I’m, not the enemy .I just do not want you to be crushed if this does not work out. We are making a lot of assumptions here,” said Doyle as he parked in a garage and crossed the street to the hospital. In this quote, Doyle shows care by taking Ryder to the hospital and is making sure everything is okay with Ryder and his mom. Therefore, both of these quotes represent different emotions and tones. The quote about Ryder worrying shows fear and the quote with Doyle helping out is caring. Green used different tones and

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