Safety In Football

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Football is widely regarded as a dangerous sport full of hard hits and collisions. With recent groundbreaking discoveries related to Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), parents, doctors, and fans are starting to wonder about how safe football is. CTE has now been proven to cause depression, memory loss, and even suicide in former NFL, college, and some high school players. Although there is no way around these facts, people should be encouraged by the progress football is making to keep players safe.The greatest safety question about football is the adequacy of the equipment players use. People have also begun to look at the governing body of a football league to see what they are doing to protect their players. Football today is without …show more content…

It is understandable parents are worried their kids' long­term health is in danger and that they question whether or not their kids should be playing. CTE is at the forefront of any discussion involving football today. There is no denying the facts that clearly state CTE can be detrimental to the long­term health of players. In a group study by students at Southern Utah University to determine whether or not more concussions lead to a greater chance of depression; the results clearly state that players who classify as depressed averaged 3.8 concussions and nondepressed players averaged 1.6. These numbers clearly show that the more you play football the more likely you are to become depressed down the road. There is also no debate that the health of players should be the top priority for any organization in charge of football. While it is easy for some to say football is too dangerous to be played it is harder to admit that the general public is the biggest reason why it is still being played. The population's obsession with the game of football is the driving force behind the game that the same exact people are saying should not be played. Football players know the risk they put themselves at every day and they have made a conscious decision that the risk is worth the reward. It is not right for people who are not players to argue it is too dangerous and not safe enough for anybody to play. In an article done by “Psychology Today,” they prove that is more likely a seventeen­year­old will get a concussion in a car crash than playing football. Football may be a dangerous sport but there are many dangerous things in life, the best thing people can do is inform players and allow them to make their own

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