Should Schools Spend Too Much Money On Concussions

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Topic: Why schools should spend more money on equipment to protect athletes from concussions and other injuries.

In today’s society sports rule the lives of kids of all ages. Football, being one of the most popular, is on the decline because of the recent studies of NFL players having CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) causing early death and brain/memory problems. WIth these studies parents are starting to pull their children from playing football at a young age to try and reduce the risk of head injuries in general. The incorporation of more expensive protective equipment can reduce the risk of head trauma or any other head injuries.

The first reason more expensive helmets is imperative to the reduction of injuries in football is because the newest helmets have the new and improved head protection technology. Scientist who work on improving the effectiveness of helmets in football find new ways to try and bring concussions and other head injuries out of the game every day. For example, two mechanical engineers at the University of Michigan collaborated to find a new design of helmet to help concussions. They came up with a three layered design to spread the blow around the head and have the hit be distributed throughout the layers of the helmet, “It’s kind of like hitting a bunch of piano keys with your …show more content…

They have the latest technology in head protection and they have a longer life span. Some people might argue the point of cheaper helmets being just as effective as more expensive ones, but that isn’t true because more expensive helmets have more income to fund bigger research to always have new ideas on to how to make the game of football safer. Schools with football programs should always look after the best interest of the athlete sporting their colors and make sure to take whatever precautions to make the game as safe as

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