Notre-Dame Basilica Analysis

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Introduction Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica is one of the most famous antique architecture works in Vietnam that were built during the time of French colonisation, that is nowadays a religious venue as well as a tourist attraction. It is special not only because of its long-lasting Romanesque-Gothic beauty that pops up in the middle of a busy boulevard in Ho Chi Minh City, but also because it has been standing for 135 years, witnessing the ups and downs in the history of Vietnam; how French colonialists left, how Chinese annexationists came, and how Vietnamese people themselves fight against each other. Moreover, it was one of the victims in World War II, which caused the 59 windows and pieces of shingles to break. Though I am not a Catholic, I am still attracted to its beauty. Glancing at the Cathedral, I sometimes feel as if I could see how it suffered seeing people shedding blood in battles, and how it was content when the country united with liberation, and absolutely I know how strong it was to be able to keep itself together through wars. For me, appreciating the beauty of an artistic work is not only about its appearance; the best part is the story behind each of the work, the spiritual beauty that lasts forever, which Saigon…show more content…
Ciocchetti in Italy). The statue depicts St. Mary standing with a globe in her hands; her eyes make it appear as though she is musing on the faraway horizon, praying for peace in Vietnam and the entire world. In 2005, there was an event that captured a lot of public attention and caused traffic congestion around the Basilica; the statue of “Our Lady of Peace” was believed to have shed tears. Though it has never been confirmed, rumour has it that St. Mary shed tears for witnessing the world’s sin. On the other hand, most people then assumed it was just raindrops logged in her eyes that later fell off. Self-Perception of the
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