Self Concept In The Movie Fatal Attraction

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The movie Fatal Attraction is a psychological thriller, the title alone speaks for itself an affair that goes fatally wrong.
The Character Dan Gallagher (Michael Douglas) is a successful, happily married of nine year a New York attorney living in Manhattan when he meets Alex Forrest (Glenn Close), an editor for a publishing company at a party with his wife. While his wife, Beth (Anne Archer), and daughter, Ellen (Ellen Hamilton Latzen), are out of town for the weekend, he has an affair with Alex. They had a mutual verbal agreement that they both weren’t going to say anything, and they are both adults.
Dan spends a second day with Alex in which she persistently asked him to stay. When Dan tries to leave, she cuts her wrists in a suicide attempt. …show more content…

The self concept is information and belief that we have of our personality traits, physical characteristics, abilities, values, goals, and roles as well as the knowledge that we exist as individuals. The self concept becomes more abstract and complex and is organized into a variety of different cognitive aspects know as self schemas. As adults, our sense of self has grown from when we were a child. In addition to possessing a wide variety of self-schemas we can analyze our thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and we can see that other people may have different views than we do.
We become aware of our own mortality and we make arrangements for our future and consider the potential outcomes of our actions. Having a sense of self may seem unpleasant when we are not proud of our appearance actions or relationships with others or when we think about and become afraid of the possibility of our own death. The ability to think of the self can be considered useful. It helps us to consider our past and to be able to speculate about the future is adaptive-it allows us to modify our behaviour on the basis of our mistakes and to plan for our

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