Sakshi Manot Case Study

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Sakshi Manot: Continuing the legacy through family business
Today’s generation choose to become an entrepreneur seeking innovation but abandoning the idea to join the family business. Sakshi Manot stands against all odds as a third generation heiress to her family business and has been carrying forward the legacy of her family.

Young and energetic Sakshi Manot would have never thought of joining her family business if her grandfather had not asked her to join the family business and motivated her to become a ‘boss’ in their own business rather than working for others. She could not think of anything else but join the family business immediately. She is the owner of ‘Galleria', a Guy Laroche franchise at the Labim mall and is currently pursuing her undergrad degree at the King’s College.

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If you cannot establish a connection, it's just useless.” She aims to be a successful businesswoman.

Having overcomed the stereotype of sons taking up family businesses, she feels extremely privileged, proud and happy to be in family who has been supporting her throughout. “They have always motivated me to be competitive to stand at par with the males,” she shares expressing gratitude towards her family. She strongly believes in women empowerment and reckons the capacity to work to be the same between male and female.

"Business has connected me to my family and the bonding is much stronger now. At the end of each day, when we sit together, we have a common topic to talk about. We talk about sales, profitability, overcoming challenges and attaining greater heights,” she says adding “If you have interests in your family business, feel happy about it, and can connect well, it's a great idea to join the family business. It gives you the real satisfaction.”

Also, she is an example to all the ladies out there who aspire to stand tall and make a difference.

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