Salvador Alvarenga Research Paper

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Thirty-seven year old Salvador Alvarenga, a fisherman living and working in Mexico, loved his 25-foot long canoe shaped boat. On November 18, 2012, he planned to be with it in the deep, tranquilizing waters of the Pacific Ocean. He had nothing holding him back, his daughter lived in El Salvador with her mother. Ezequiel Córdoba, Alvarenga’s 22-year old crewman, and Alvarenga loaded the boat with thousands of pounds of equipment that would soon be filled with a variety of seafood. He had known there was a storm coming, but he refused to pass up possible catch no matter the danger. Around 1 in the morning Alvarenga and Córdoba were rocked around the boat by forceful waves. The boat began to dangerously fill with water. They unsuccessfully

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