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Sam Jevon, 47, from Enfield in London, is a Mother of two adult children, Jessica and Spencer. Since her car accident, she has discovered a love of art.
"It was 2006, my daughter was 17 and my son was 15. I was a passenger in a car and I wasn't wearing a seat belt. As it was summer, the window was open. When the accident happened the car rolled over and I came out of the window. Of all those in the car, I received the worst injuries - the driver got a broken shoulder. Apparently the person who went into the back of us had only been driving for a week.
"I was in a coma for a couple of months. I had a bolt coming out of my head because they had taken a bit of my skull out due to the pressure.
"After this I went in to rehab where I learned to …show more content…

It was better for me to come home and be with my children.
"This is what my hospital discharge Report said about me:
Sam requires close supervision with food preparation - opening packets and chopping - due to her poor coordination and tremor. She needs supervision when walking up to 50m and physical assistance with anything longer than this due to her reduced balance reactions.
She is able to make her needs known and responds well to requests for clarification.
She will be discharged to her parents' home and plans to return to her own home in the long term.
"My personality has changed. I think I am very mellow now. Before, I was very angry and short-tempered. I was awful. A lot of people at the pub say that I was a nightmare. But now, the only thing that could upset me is if anything happened to anyone in my family.
"I think the accident has affected my family worse than it's affected me because I am not the same person I used to be. My sister is nine years younger and I was like a mum to her - that's definitely changed. Every time she had a problem she could phone me up and talk. She can't now. I can't give advice the way I used

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