Clermont: A Short Story

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It all happened so quickly. I was just driving into Clermont. And it happened. Another car collided with mine. There I was, realizing the trouble I had gotten in, when all of a sudden I was pained and bleeding. It hurt so very, very horribly. The car was on top of me. On top of me! I don’t even know how that was possible, but it was happening, and it hurt so badly. My ears were ringing, and when they stopped, all I heard was fire. It took a while, but I eventually heard ambulances. I was so shocked and stunned, I couldn’t move. It might have also been the pain. I wanted to shout something, but the doctor ended up giving me that opportunity.
“Why are you driving so fast?” he asked. “He’s dead.”
This was something I never wanted to hear. I didn’t …show more content…

There was a massively destructive thunderstorm and tornado, and I was in the line of fire. I was trapped in a rather large area of uprooted trees, and it took a while before anyone found me. Twenty-four hours after the storm. They found me a whole day later. Oh, it was a relief to be found. I was so happy, I wasn’t going to die, but all that excitement made me tired. I fell asleep half an hour later.
I was loaded into a car, from what they told me, and driven off to the hospital. I felt myself, later, lying on a freezing cold table. I heard the doctor speak with despair, “There is no sign of life, from what I can tell.” I wasn’t able to respond right then.
A bit later, I heard the scratching of a pen on paper, I knew he was signing my death warrant. I wouldn’t accept that. I could not accept that. I exclaimed:
“I’m still alive! Not dead! Still breathing.”
The doctor was dumbfounded that I lived through all of that. He asked me,
“How are you still alive?” and I merely replied:
“I fell asleep after I was found in the trees. I guess I never awoke, until now.”
Still not the last time that would happen. I had yet another experience to go through, and this one was, by far, my most lucky. I probably will never get this luck again. Too bad I wasn’t at a casino.

Now, middle-aged me. Not that far into the future, but not that little, …show more content…

It was going rather well, no accidents so far. Then it happened. Everything collapsed on us. I was one of the few that didn’t get out. I am very lucky, as I said, because the soft earth had barreled into me, propelling me forward onto the pipes, but stopped with my chin resting on the chilly pipe. I was buried 17 feet down, could hardly breath, but I luckily fainted to conserve the oxygen later.
When they finally got us all out, I was the deepest one. I was so bloody and battered, they, yet again, thought I was dead. They once again rushed me off to the hospital, and I was laying on that cold table again. I had just opened my eyes slightly, but the light was blinding. I had to squint, and I saw the doctor right close, holding something shiny. It was a needle. Way too large for my comfort. I had to speak, just had to, but I wasn’t able to. I managed to rattle out a shaky, “W-what are you g-gonna do with

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