The Skatepark Narrative

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The night was cold and gloomy, my fingertips felt like ice, I could see my breath in the air though the air. My eyes hurt from the flashing lights from the ambulance and police cars beating into them like drums. The night was long and hard to get thought, we all just wanted it to be over, but it didn't seem to end. On a late afternoon in June i was walking with some friends: Bob, Edger, Steve and Franklin. We were near my house and headed towards the SkatePark. We were all bored and wanted something to do with our time, so we all started blurting out random ideas that we all knew no one else would want to do “ Let's jump in the river and go swimming!” Bob yelled, we all bluntly replied “no.” After we had been walking for some time we decided to sit down at the SkatePark for a while. …show more content…

We were telling edger that she was a “fake blonde” then everyone started calling me Charlet because they knew I didn't like it, and since Steve started it I said something very mean to him, something that never should have come out of my mouth, and as soon as I said it I regretted it instantly. And as soon as I said it I apologized so many times but I had already said it there was no taking it back. Everyone started yelling and crying. When the yelling, and crying was about done, Bob started freaking out and started to panic she was repeating “This is all my fault! This is all my fault! I hate myself I ruin everything!” I tried to calm her down and I told her that it was not her fault but it was mine, but she took off running before I could say anything else. She was headed to the bridge she was running so fast it on took her about two seconds to get there, Steve and Edger ran after her, Steve caught up to here and edger made it half

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