Personal Narrative: A Car's Death

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It was a cold September night and emotions were running high. 2 cars dramatically clashed into each other like it was the right thing to do. The cold night air brushed against my face with ease as I walked on the crunchy street to the scene to check for fatalities. The night sky was a beautiful navy blue, but the streets were covered in maroon red. Blood curdling screams could be heard from the cars and sirens rang in the distance which put me to some sort of ease. From the looks of the brutally crushed cars you would think that someone would not have made it out alive or even barely breathing. The ambulance finally raced to the scene. The bright lights nearly blinded me. I had to turn my face to stop the stinging sensation in my eye. The …show more content…

The mood started to lighten slowly, but surely. It was 3 a.m. and traffic was backed up due to nosey drivers. As my feet crunched on the shattered glass from the accident, a peculiar but familiar smell embraced my nose with a warm hug. I looked around and under the car I noticed a constant gas drip that created a large puddle followed by smoke from the car. The clock was ticking and time was running out. Fortunately, the passengers were removed safely in one piece and clearly grateful to be alive. Not a sound emerged from the second vehicle which gave off bad vibes and a not so bright …show more content…

The second car was a little easier bit easier to open than the first, but still a vigorous challenge. The crowd was still at large and waiting to see the outcome of the fatal accident. That oh so familiar sound of the screeching machine breaking through the metal greeted my ears with a not so gentle greeting. The door fell off with a loud thud and there laid an unconscious woman with a slight drop of blood running down her head. The already thick tension that filled the now morning air grew even thicker. The EMT’s rushed to save the frail and pail woman’s

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