Samantha Rowe's Home-Personal Narrative

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I am writing this in hopes that this will serve as a testimony on Samantha Rowe’s behalf. I am hopeful that this will be considered as an adequate testimony in lieu of me being present. I have had the pleasure of knowing Samantha for three months, and I consider her a great person who places value on integrity and honesty. I also place emphasis on these values, and as a future school counselor, I desire to help people reach their maximum potential. As such, I am writing this not only to protect Samantha, but also in hopes of aiding _____ in receiving the help that she needs in order to succeed in her personal life. ____ has set high goals for herself, but she has taken action that could not only jeopardize other’s wellbeing, but she has also made decisions that could cause her not to achieve her goals. Below you will find my accounts of her behavior that I feel warrant a restraining order for her in regards to her interactions with Samantha, in addition to her receiving classes that would help her with her personal issues. On an evening in February of 2017, my friend, Michelle Grabski, along with myself, visited Samantha at Samantha’s residence. Samantha’s roommate was out late at night, and I was told …show more content…

Samantha had hosted a dinner party that night. Once again the roommate had been out late at night drinking. When the roommate came back, she showed signs of intoxication, and Samantha asked us to stay that night with her because there were threats made to her by the roommate due to the party that Samantha had hosted. I wish to note that the party was a dinner, and not a typical college drinking party. Even so, the fact that the roommate came back late at night after another night of binge drinking is another indication that she could benefit from classes, and the threats that were made adds evidence to the notion that a restraining order should be put in place to protect

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