Samurai And Knights Dbq Essay

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Samurai and Knights DBQ
From approximately 1000 - 1600 CE, a class of warriors arose, they swore oaths of loyalty and they fought for their kings to keep them safe. These warriors were called the Samurai and Knights. The Samurai fought for the Japanese and the Knights fought for Europe. They are both warriors fighting for their people. Without a doubt, the similarities between Samurai and knights were much greater than the differences.
To start off, the code of bushido and chivalry are almost identical. They are both rules or a conduct that knights and the samurai had to follow. The code of Bushido belongs to the samurai. It is a code of honor for the samurai. It says that in “discharging loyal service to his master if he has one, in deepening his loyalty in associations with friends, and in devoting himself to duty above all” (Doc. E). If the Samurai do wrong against this, they will have a punishment. The code of Chivalry belongs to the knights. It’s also their code of honor. It says “they have to solemnly promise to do no wicked deed, to be loyal …show more content…

The samurai’s training involves a lot of physical fighting, for example, taekwondo, kendo, karate, and many martial arts training. The samurai trainees became official samurai knights in an official ceremony called genpuku. They did this at age 14. The knights training began at age four or five. “They first learned how to ride a pony. Then at age seven or eight, he would be sent to serve as a page to his father’s overlord or to a great powerful relative.(doc.C)” Then they would run errands and practice sword fighting with wooden swords. By 14 pages are eligible to become squires. Then they continue to fight. By age 21, he would become a knight. The differences in there training are very little but one of them is they fought with different weapons. The knights mainly fought with swords and the samurai fought with weirder

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