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San Francisco is a beautiful city in which more than half of the people living here come from different countries, states, cities, contents, etc. I have lived in San Francisco all my life and often come into contact with many people from out of state. I also get deemed a "unicorn", whenever riding lyft,, because their aren't a lot of natives that take lyft or uber. I get asked, so often how I feel about the changes in the city or about what my favorite spots are, that I thought it would be interesting to see how not locals feel about San Francisco. I set out to interview my lyft drivers and riders, because I take lyft twice a day and it was a chance to start spur of the moment conversations.

On Thursday evening I got in a Lyft and my driver happened to be a 24 years old women named Katy, who was born in SoCal. She had come to San Francisco, to pursue directing and had gotten a job at Discovery …show more content…

Usually I try and sit back and not talk much, because it's way to early, but Phillip was a talker. He started asking me about, how my night had been and what I did, and where I was going, so I decided to send some questions back his way. Phillip had moved from Oregon to be with his girlfriend, but she had broken up with him, so he wasn't a big fan of the city. "No one in San Francisco waves to each other, everyone just amously walks past each other in fear of having social interaction." This wasn't the response I was expecting from someone, who had greeted my so bubbly. I continued to press him, why he remained in the bay if people were cold he said, "Oregon doesn't offer as many opportunities." Often when I talk to people about, why they came to San Francisco, they mention the opportunities and the chance to excel in their career. We ended our conversation with him wishing me goodluck at work and with me wishing him good luck at overcoming San

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