Fremont High School Research Paper

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Fremont High School is located in Los Angeles, California, “sprawled across a city block.” The school enrolls about 5,000 students every year but only 3,300 are in attendance every day. The students read at an elementary school level and are not provided the necessities to succeed. The school is lacking many resources, such as, classrooms, restrooms, and lunchrooms. The school lacks at least 15 restrooms that the law requires. The average class size is about 33 to 40 students per room in 220 classes. The teachers are worked to exhaustion and the students are treated like animals. Fremont High is lacking the basic needs for everyone there and all of the students know it. School is meant to be a place for students to feel comfortable and educated, not what Fremont High School is. …show more content…

Grapevine is provided with the necessities for students to succeed, such as, laptops, textbooks, classrooms, and acceptable restrooms. There may be some issues such as, rats, fights, and broken facilities, but that does not even come close to what the students at Fremont High School deal with. Grapevine High is looked as the “ghetto” high school in their metropolis, but the school district treats them well. By next year, every Grapevine High School student will have his or her own personal laptop provided by the school district. The students have a good amount of freedom. For example, students are allowed to use the restroom whenever they want during the day with their teacher’s permission, and the students can eat a full 30-minute lunch without having to wait in line for 10+ minutes for food and the school always provides enough food for all the students and faculty. Grapevine High School is very fortunate compared to Fremont High School mostly because of their location, Grapevine is an area where people care about education and futures, and Fremont is

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