Sanitary Conditions During The Industrial Revolution

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1. Social Darwinism was the concept of the survival of the fittest. This basically was that the fittest are the ones who will thrive and do great, while the poor and unfit are just left to fend for themselves or to die. Social Darwinism was a great thing for the fittest and rich, but an unlucky thing for those who are poor and unfit. 2. The Franco-Prussian War took place from 1870 until 1871. This war was between the French Empire and the German states, and it was led by the kingdom of Prussia. The war was caused by some events with German unification. 3. The Chadwick reports were Chadwick’s report on sanitary conditions. During this time, many people were so poor and lived in awful conditions and also worked in awful conditions. Since,…show more content…
I feel like the Industrial Revolution had a greater impact on the course of Western Civilization. The Industrial revolution was when machinery replaced the jobs of men. Edwin Chadwick especially didn’t like what was going on at this time because he felt like it was really hurting the poor. Many people, though at this time did like what was going on during the Industrial Revolution because these people felt like this is what is needed in order to help Britain’s economy. During the Industrial Revolution people were working crazy long hours, and on top of this they had children working, and doing jobs that no child should ever be doing. The work environment was unsanitary and many people were getting sick and or dying. Although, the Industrial Revolution was sad, in the end the western civilization was able to extend their power and become more well…show more content…
Enlightenment has many short and long term consequences. During this time, the poor were having to deal with the prices of everything rising, when they were already struggling with the prices of things before. This was good though for certain people, such as investors, etc. These kind of people were able to make money through things such as trade and things that they made. People during the time of enlightenment had a different way of thinking, and so many things were changing. Even though, people’s way of thinking was changing during this time, the topic between men and women’s equal rights was still a struggle. Many people such as Montesquieu, felt that women were less than that of a man. They still felt that a woman shouldn’t have the same opportunities that men do. With religion, though… people demanded that they be allowed to have more freedom when it comes to their religion and worship. People during this time were used to sort of being told what to do with their religion, but these enlightenment thinkers thought otherwise. They felt that people should be able to have more freedom to do as they pleased. In the end, this all was a start to what we have now. People are way more free to do as they please today with religion, and decision making in general. Women now have way more rights than they ever used to have, and although the Industrial Revolution was an awful thing back then, it’s lead to many great advances currently for todays
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