Say Goodbye To President Lincoln Research Paper

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Say Goodbye to President Lincoln Folks.

The president has been shot!! The assassin has been identified as John Wilkes Booth, but many people played many roles on the night of April 14th. So John Wilkes booth and some co-conspirators had been meeting up way before now to do something to our president, Abraham Lincoln. First their plan was to kidnap Lincoln and basically hold him hostage until confederate prisoners of war have been returned. The conspirators plan was to kidnap President Lincoln at a play near Washington. But the president decided he would rather stay in the capitol that night. (Good choice Mr. President!)

On April 9th, Robert E Lee surrendered to Ulysses Grant, and two days later Abraham Lincoln gave a speech at the White House, including voting rights for certain black people. And after hearing that, John Booth decided to assassinate president Lincoln. And three days after that, the 14th, Booth stopped by Ford’s Theatre and found out that the president was going to be there that night to see the …show more content…

All booth had on him was a gun, and a knife. He snuck up to the state box, where the president and his guest were at, and the guards were no longer guarding the president, so no one at that time knew Booth was up there. And all it took for Lincoln’s life to be over...was one shot from Booth’s gun. Just one shot and it ended up paralyzing the president and leaving him in critical condition. The president never regained consciousness and ended up passing away yesterday morning around 7:22 A.M. We know that Andrew Johnson is still living, there wasn’t even an attempt to kill him. And we also know that Powell did stab Seward, however he did not die from the stab wound. And finally, we know Booth is on the run, there is a reward out for him. We need to catch this man, so please if you see or hear of him please don’t be afraid to page the police department

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