Scarlet Fever In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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In the 1800s, a serious outbreak took place killing thousands of people. This outbreak was called Scarlet fever. Although you don't hear about it now a days, it was known back then. The death rate for Scarlet fever was as at a minimum of one hundred thousand to as much as one hundred fifty thousand. This fever killing so many people is important because it's not a small amount. When it comes to that many people dying over a disease, something is needed to be done. Scarlet fever is a bacterial illness that develops in some people that have strep throat. In Frankenstein, a book written in the 1800s by an english writer named Mary Shelley, many of the Victor's closest people suffered from this illness. Scarlet fever was one of the main causes …show more content…

The disease is very contagious. This fever can be transmitted by humans from the mouth and nose. Also, this can be spread easily by an infected individual coughing or sneezing in your presence In Frankenstein, Caroline Beaufort catches scarlet fever from Elizabeth. Caroline beaufort’s husband, Alphonse Frankenstein, suffers from the disease which he had carried from other events that took place in his life. Caroline becomes ill with the disease because she cares for Elizabeth and later becomes a victim of airborne respiratory. Airborne respiratory drops such as coughs or sneezes would have been some ways Caroline may had come in contact with the disease. Caroline may have even hugged or shook Elizabeth’s hand, this disease can be spread from skin to skin contact. Although Elizabeth recovers, Caroline dies from the illness. Scarlet fever is an illness you can catch by saliva, such as kissing. If you were to eat or drink after someone who has the illness, it is a possibility you could come in contact the the illness. It’s safest to keep utensils and drinking glasses of the infected person away from other family member silverware. If you were to have come in contact with Scarlet fever, during this time period there was no cure, so they have to isolate you until you recover from the disease. Isolating

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