Schooled Chapter Summary

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In the novel Schooled, by Gordan Korman, Capricorn Anderson is a hippie from an alternative farm commune called Garland Farms. As he grows up he is taught peace and that the outside world is chaos. One day Rain, his grandmother, falls out of a plum tree and breaks her hip. As Cap drives her to the hospital in the outside world, he is arrested for driving without a license and social services is called and he is picked up by social services because him and Rain are the only people at Garland Farms and he can 't be left alone for that long of a period of time. As one chapter of Caps life ends, another one begins as a flower child in a regular, up to date town. The first part of Cap’s life in the real world starts at the hospital. When cap arrives at the hospital he tries to stay calm as Rain had always told him to. He got a trail of police on the way to the hospital. So when he pulled over at the hospital, he was arrested and then questioned as Rain was frantically rushed to the ER. When they found out she had broken her hip, social services was called to take Cap while Rain did rehab. The agent on the case was Mrs.Donnelly who was once a flower child herself. She moved to garland when she was little and then a moved out after a few years. She felt bad for cap because she knew what it was like to move to the real world and attend a public school, so she took him into her home out of the kindness of her heart. As he arrived at Mrs.Donnelly 's house he was given a snotty attitude by Sophie Donnelly, Mrs.Donnelly’s daughter. As soon as he sees her he …show more content…

In the book Schooled, Capricorn Anderson started as a hippie with a hatred of the “putrid” society outside of his alternative farm commune. Throughout the time Cap was in middle school, Cap had changed to accept the general public and learn the way it works. In conclusion, Capricorn Anderson had changed in many ways throughout this amazing book, Thus concluding that Cap changed in many ways but still stayed true to

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