To Kill A Mockingbird Coming Of Age Essay

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To Kill A Mockingbird is a literary fascination about two siblings named Scout and Jem accompanied by their friend Dill, who are in bewilderment as to who and what Boo Radley appears to be. As Scout and Jem grow and mature throughout the story, they start to realize how the world contains people who discriminate and insult others for petty reasons. The story portrays the view of Scout and the reader soon sees how she develops from childish kid to mature teenager. This story is a coming of age novel for many readers, for one of the characters, whose name is Scout, grows up and is shown the world’s true colors. The reader can notice Scout’s mindset alters in Chapters seventeen to twenty-two when stricken with the realization of how unfair it …show more content…

When the trial came to a close, Scout soon becomes clear of the fact that people can be harsh to others just because the way they appear, dress, and act. The jury’s verdict opened her eyes to see the world for what it truly is; a cruel and gutless environment that people inhabit. The experience Scout witnessed enable her to grow up and understand how unjust it was to see fit that an innocent man is sentenced to jail by false accusations. Scout is able to learn from what she had seen, and this can mature her to be more noticing of other people’s discrimination of individuals. To Kill A Mockingbird leaves a big impact on the reader’s characterization of Scout’s maturity. She started out as a rebellious and childish girl but then starts to form into a mature and understanding woman. The Tom Robinson trial is one instance where the reader can see how Scout has changed during the novel up until this point. Scout has changed drastically throughout the novel and the Tom Robinson trial is an incredible example of it. The literary elements the chapters present allow the reader to acknowledge how Scout gradually

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