Seat Belts Should Be Worn Essay

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The way that society is in this generation makes people think that they are invincible and nothing can happen to them. Not wearing their seatbelts is one of the things that people believe they don’t have to do, and there will be no consequences. All it takes is one accident and all of those ideas and reasoning’s that people have will go out the window and reality sets in. Don’t be another statistic just put your seatbelt on and save everyone the headache. The law should always justify that seatbelts should be worn because it will dramatically cut down on injury, death, and traffic violations. Wearing a seatbelt is designed to protect the driver and passengers in the car from getting hurt on impact with another car or other object on the road. …show more content…

Wearing a seatbelt is not only just trying to protect the people in the car but also the people outside the car. Now if a person gets in a wreak that doesn’t have their seatbelt on and gets ejected from the car and unfortunately dies. Well now it is no longer that person’s problem that they didn’t wear their seatbelt. Now it is someone’s job to turn that site into a yellow tape and get the road back in order and no one wants to do that job at all. So not only is it for the person driving, but it is also so that people don’t have to go through the bad job of cleaning up the area. Wearing a seatbelt should defiantly be upheld at all times because there are so many things that can be prevented and so many people that can live to see their families again. All because one motion of less than thirty seconds can change what happens in a life and in a family. Don’t oppose the law because it is only for your good that people are making the law in the first place. Last is just don’t end up as another statistic in a study because someone thought they were

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