Self Respect In Society

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Humanity has proven on countless occasions that love is an unreasonable goal. However, there must be some unifying force that will bring all people together: this force is respect. Respect is a virtue that children are taught beginning at a young age, and unfortunately, it is something that is often overlooked or forgotten. Nonetheless, this virtue is always present in some aspect of life, and it is through the respect of self, others and the surrounding world that society is able to function. Communities in present times face a variety of difficulties with regards to self respect. In the past, impossible standards were set in place for society, especially for women. These standards have caused incomprehensibly low levels of confidence in women. As a result, women have been acknowledged for years as an inferior people and even regarded themselves with the same view of negativity. Today, …show more content…

For example, as youths, people are often taught to treat others as they would like to be treated. As ideal as this rule seems, it often does not hold true. There are many examples in society seen on a daily basis such as ageism, sexism and racism and all of these examples continue to plague communities worldwide. It is this lack of respect that is preventing society from succeeding. In a society where respect is prevalent and practices, there would be no such thing as discrimination or bullying. Instead, people would be encouraged to achieve their dreams and those dreams would be supported by other community members. When an individual loses respect from others, they lose passion and motivation as well. Without this motivation, no monumental discoveries or actions would have been made to make this world what it is today. Despite the flaws society possesses, without the amount of respect that is present today, the world would be filled with chaos and

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