Sentencing Young Adults

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Juveniles can be charged as an adult as young as fourteen. Adolescent is the process of growing up, from a child to an adult. Fourteen year old Riley Simmons, is being charged for the murder of twenty four year old Billy Jackson. He will be tried as an adult and sentenced to life in prison without parole. How do that sound? A kid being charged as an adult for a crime, he was more and likely manipulated to do. Kids don’t just act out in such behaviors for no reason. Something’s either wrong, lack self control due to functions of the brain or influenced by our adults and were trying to send them away, instead of getting them help; he is just sentenced to life. Kids should not be tried as an adult because their brains are not fully developed,…show more content…
This is when your most mature and know the meaning and value of life. Now, that’s no reason a seventeen year old or fourteen year old should commit a crime due to maturity of the brain, but its logical. Kid or even teenager brains may not have self control and desirable behaviors (“Young Offenders…”). Kids do before they think, which explains why a lot of them apologize after the fact. In reality it’s too late, but to a kid they believe they should be forgave. Sentencing an adult for a crime is reasonable because they know and understand the consequences that would be given. A kid may know, but still it won’t register into their heads like it would an adult. Brain activity take play into our daily lives. This is how we function everyday and make decisions. Now, if your brain has any type of faulty thinking or isn’t fully matured, it will have people doing a lot of mild or superior…show more content…
Justice is served to the table no matter what 's on the plate. Everybody needs fed. People believe no matter what age, race, gender or mental issues you have, if you did the crime, you can do the time. That goes for everyone. They say kids in today’s society is smarter than an average kid. They know right from wrong and know that there will be consequences served at the end. Society always say, “don’t take kids for granite”, they are capable of anything. Kids are capable to think and come up with scheme plans to do these crimes. Everyone has a mind of their own and can stand up for what they believe in. If kids don’t want to take play in such actions, they can say no or go get help. The more you baby them, the more stuff they are going to try to get away with. Kids do stuff for attention all the time. The more you give it to them, the more they feed of it. The technology in today’s world is to involved. People get away with so much because of this, especially kids. They will make a lot of excuses such as: cyber bullying, threats, protection and so for. The game is a major factor on crime with kids, they know what 's wrong and what 's right. People believe kids should stay in a child 's place. There is no reason for a kid to be behaving in such manners. No one is the blame, but the persons who did it. Life 's too short and precious to just throw away. America say kids can be kids and treated as kids legally, although when you harm someone else, adult charges may be forced
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