Serial Killer Nature Vs Nurture Essay

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What drives a serial killer to their breaking point? What is it that makes them start killing? Nature and nurture are both key elements. They both play their part in turning a once innocent person, into a psychopath. Which drives a serial killer more though? Is it the nature of their lives and their surroundings? Is it their family genes and the way they grew up with their family? Many serial killers are affected differently. They aren’t all driven by the same thing though. There is something in each serial killer that makes them different. There is something inside that drives them into their psychotic rage. Even though nature and nurture both play a part in a serial killer’s life, nurture is more effective to a serial killer’s life than nature. Serial killers are driven by many things. It’s not hard to tell what drove a serial killer crazy. There is nature and nurture in their lives. Estimated, up to 60% of what …show more content…

Nuture isn’t the only thing that affects a serial killer. Many serial killers are affected by nature just like some are affected by nurture. Nature isn’t the most common effect, but it does play its part in creating a psychopath. Antisocial attitudes, values and beliefs, and negative family experiences and low levels of school or vocational achievement (Dawn Wissman, 2013). “It is also important to note that the "triad of evil" that has historically been used to identify social behavior typical of a serial killer is incorrect.” (Dawn Wissman, 2013). Behavior affected by nature can play its part in creating a serial killer. “ Bedwetting, cruelty to animals, and fire setting were behaviors typically used by criminologists and psychologists to identify likely violent offenders, especially serial killers. Current research has shown no true relationship between the three behaviors and violent criminal behavior“ (Dawn Wissman,

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