Sterilizing Baby Bottles

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Sterilizing baby bottles: On you right?

Breast milk is sterile, one that comes straight from the chest excluding the risk of microbial contamination or spoilage. Instead, the baby bottle feeding is a time consuming process that requires meticulous sterilization especially the first half .

Appropriate accessories sterilization
A bottle brush and a sterilizing device (optional but will help you immeasurably)

The sterilization devices know that fall into three categories. Those that make use of steam, microwaves and cold water. H chilled water sterilization apparatus, it takes about twenty minutes, while the other two required approximately 10 minutes until the process is complete.

The main sterilization rules (the first …show more content…

Then wipe the chest and arms a clean towel.

Approaching, however, in the second half of the data change and this applies to sterilization. The baby 's immune system is strengthened, either nursing or taking formula milk. Everything indicates that the baby is ready to come in contact with the real world!

The basic rules of sterilization (the second half)
The second half of the baby 's life, some rules are repealed, others are ongoing and some new are added. Essentially this means that we should pause to sterilize bottles (boiling them, or using the special sterilizer) and use sterile water to prepare the milk. From there you should be meticulous in terms of the following:

The bottles should be washed with warm soapy water and rinsed thoroughly with water. If you want to keep the store after cleaning the refrigerator, especially summer as moisture can grow germs.

Wash with warm soapy utensils used in cooking or baby food serving using hot water to clean the food and grease residues.

Before preparing food or milk, it should be preceded by good lathering hands and cleaning the countertop will …show more content…

Collect milk with sterile bottle in special -also aposteiromena- bottles. In this case, therefore, sterilization continues.

To prepare the foreign milk (milk formulas) no longer need to boil the water. Suffice it to heat. The rules concerning the maintenance of milk in the refrigerator still be the same. Good, indeed, the bottles maintain that milk is sterile. The pacifier because it comes and stays for hours in the baby 's mouth, it is advisable to keep to the boil for 2-3 minutes. You can have two or three available clean, which is preferable to insert, after drying, in their case.

Rinse the baby 's hands with running water during the day, especially when soiled with food or dirt or when crawl on the

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