Seven Years War Research Paper

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The Seven Years’ War For the first half of the eightieth century, Britain was at war with Spain or France. The colonist in America often experienced reverberations during these conflicts. In 1754 tensions returned and this time they sparked near America’s Ohio Valley, land variously claimed by the Virginians, Pennsylvanians, and the French, which was inhabited by dozens of Indian tribes. This event resulted in the Seven Years’’ War. French traders had cultivated alliances with Indian tribes in the Ohio Country (regarded as part of New France), but Pennsylvania traders began to infringe on the territory. Virginians also interfered by making the Ohio Company and advancing on the same territory. The French responded with the building of a series of forts to …show more content…

Without these events Americans would have never been prompted with wanted to become free and break away from British rule. The unfair treatments of the American soldiers during the seven years’ war which were no recognition for the assistance with Britain in winning the war, not being able to migrate west of the Appalachian Mountains because of the proclamation of 1763, and being forced into the war because of the French invasion of the Ohio country. The seven years’ war is similar to the events of World War II because the Americans were thrown into a war that they did not want to join. The main difference is that in World War II the Americans were granted their title for victory unlike the seven years’ war were the British said they did not help in the victory. The seven years’ war relates to the present because without American’s being treated so poorly by the British they would have never been provoked to fight for their independence in the American Revolution or Revolutionary War. It also relates to the present because the proclamation of 1763 had no effect after Americans gained their independence, and all Indians lost their

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