Sex Offender Monitoring System Essay

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The Parole division will monitor sex offenders using the following policy. The goal of this policy will help improvise the system administration of sex offenders in the State of California owning sex offenders liable for the damage created by sexual abuse crimes with the conclusive objective of spotting potential harm to victims. In this structure to provide best of class safety to the community, offenders shall be closely monitored and comply with these restrictions. The offender shall be restraining to follow three purposes, which are no contact what so ever with children, unnoticed visits to home and work and GPS monitoring. The main purpose will oversee the offender behavior and restrain the offender within prefer barrier set by the parole officer and enhance public security. In order keep society safe; sex offenders shall not have contact with children. Children are prone to be a target by offenders since children are an easy target which they are weaker and cannot protect themselves from other stronger persons. Therefore, parole officers need to notify the parolee that he or she shall not to live with or live near children and have no contact with children. In addition, offenders shall not enter or be near an educational institution. The only restriction to be near children will …show more content…

A GPS ankle bracelet will document the offender’s movements and notify officers of potential violations of conditions of supervision. If an offender enters a danger zone, the GPS will notify the parole officer. The officer should give a call to the parolee and give him or she a warning to exit the danger zone. If the offender does not exist the danger area, after notified by the officer, local police are to be contact and arrest the

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