Sharks And Human Killers: Sharks As A Natural Killer

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On this planet there are a handful of species that are at the top of the food chain, but which species are really at the top? Sharks and human beings both exist at the top of the food chain but both species of mammals find it difficult to coexist, more specifically in a hostile aquatic environment. Humans are known for hunting sharks in parts of the world like China, they are known for hunting for their fins and their meat and also sharks being carnivores with hunting and violence in their nature, they are driven to attack or eat any living species if it were to threaten them or come within their path when they are hungry or famish thus eating human beings as well. Sharks only attack humans when they invade or enter their natural habitat, which is the ocean or other massive bodies of seawater, because that is the only environment in which they can live. They attack humans when they: surfboard, dive, snorkel, swim, scuba dive etc.

The U.S.A is famous for shark attacks which results in major injuries and fatalities every year. The United States averages just 16 shark attacks each year and slightly less than one shark-attack fatality every two years according to Brian Handwerk, (National Geographic News, Shark Facts: Attack Stats, Record Swims, More from Sharks being a natural killer through pure instinct and having a numerous amount of razor sharp teeth (around 35,000), growing up to as much as 45-47 feet long, having massive bodies

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