Shark Observation Report

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Register to read the introduction…Sharks have been existing on the earth for maybe 450 million years and have evolved and adapted to the new changes in their surroundings in order to survive as the years go/went by. They are known to be loners, as they never travel in groups and they are also known as being intelligent creatures that can communicate with each other and what they eat depends on their environment and the adaptations they had to make in order to survive in that specific habitat.…show more content…
Then I will be looking at the possible outcomes of fluctuations or the numbers increase or decreasing over the next few years. Then trying to find the probability of a shark attack leading to death…show more content…
The mean was found to be approximately 41 or more accurately 40.1538. However, the median was found to be approximately 38. The number of data points in which the median calculated from is 13. The difference between the mean and the median was found to be 3. This difference indicates that the data is skewed towards the upper quartile, meaning if an individual was to guess the number of future attacks they are to gravitate towards the upper quartile of the data that is analyzed. The standard deviation of the data indicates speaks about how the data is distributed. If the standard deviation is small or close to zero (0), this indicates that the data is evenly distributed, this will also reflect the agreement between the median and the mean. However, in the case above, the mean was found to be approximately 41, the median was found to be 38 and lastly the standard deviation found was 8. Speaking to the data range of values, which the data can hold, can range either from a max of approximately 49 to a min of approximately

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