Sheldanyeyaw Persuasive Speech

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As a side note, clockwork orange is a vile, wicked movie, which you guys should not bother watching. It is a demonic, sicking piece of garbage. That is a warning. I do not suggest that you watch that disturbing, evil movie, at all. On a lighter note, the video that Bunnee just put up, not too long ago, was a waste of my time to watch, but she looks neat-looking in it in some ways, but the video is lame, for the most part, with the queerish-looking dude in it, which is not Dogman. I 'm not Sheldanyeyaw, nor even close: Sheldanyeyaw is a holy angel, who has a lot of power, and he never sinned and never will. I 'm just a holy human, meaning a Christian. There are huge differences between humans and angels. However, Sheldanyeyaw is one of the

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