Sherlock Holmes Research Paper

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Some say that the all mighty powerful Sherlock Holmes is a genius. I agree in so many ways, but some of his decisions weren’t so bright. This discussion is centered on his choice towards Ryder and Cusack. Ryder and Cusack are guilty for stealing a countess’s carbuncle. Some think his decision of letting Ryder and Cusack go was a great idea, others not so much. So I’m defending the ‘’no’’ side and here is why. What if someone stole a gem stone from you? Would you forgive them? I wouldn’t, but the countess forgave Cusack, her maid. Ryder hid the gem in a goose and at the end the criminal duo even admitted it! They are certainly guilty for all the chaos they’ve created. The plumber could have had to live in a damp, dark and closed in space, for

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