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Sir Conan Doyle a renowned writer from the 19th century who was born on May 22, 1859. Doyle remembered how his instructor in medical school, Dr. Joseph Bell, could deduce a patient's occupation as well as his illness by merely looking at his clothes, his hands, and other things about him. His most famous story and character was Sherlock Holmes. Sir Conan Doyle created Sherlock Holmes as a fictional private detective during the Victorian Era. In his stories, Sherlock Holmes is a consulting detective and is well known for his skills in Forensic Science in which he collects, preserve, and also analyzes evidence for the investigation. The setting of London during that time was the Victorian Era, and in his stories he showed a lot of the way that the Victorian people were living such as their way of transportation, clothing style, the way they communicate with each other, and how was it on the street. Even though the characters that Sir Arthur Doyle created were fictional, the picture and …show more content…

In the “The Sign of the Four”, Watson and Holmes used a steamboat to get to Thames because they were trying to locate a villain. Another form of transportation that was used in both the Victorian era & the Holmes stories was the Hansom Cab “Brougham Carriage”. Holmes and Dr. Watson kept on riding the Hansom cab in a lot of Sherlock Holmes stories. The Brougham Carriage was faster and was better to use in a small street, it had two wheels and a horse which the driver controls. In “A Scandal in Bohemia”, they were using the tall dog cart which has four wheels, which is controlled by a horse. While in “The Adventure of Speckled Band”, the dog-cart was nicknamed “the bounder” because it’s known for its bumpy rides. It had two wheels and driven by only one horse and it’s called dog-cart because there is a dog cage. The bounder was brought up when Sherlock Holmes knew that Helen Stoner rode in a dog

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