Shitty First Draft Analysis

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The article “Shitty First Drafts” by Anne Lamott is a simple article discussing how most well-written essays must come from a “shitty first draft.” Lamott simple yet effective organization, casual use of language, and style along with humor sells her concept that the scattered first draft does not have to be perfect and is necessary to create a well-written essay.
In the article, Lamott uses simple organization. She begins the article with a brief introduction of the concept that few people can just sit down and write a perfect, beautiful essay or book on the spot. Most writers need to sit down and just slap their ideas on paper to get the creative juices flowing. The first draft is not about perfection; it is about diving into writing and activating one’s brain.
Afterward, Lamott shares how even professional authors must do this process of horrible first drafts. Her article then leads seamlessly into …show more content…

Lamott’s use of common everyday word choice, slight profanity, and added humor allows the reader to feel like Lamott is speaking directly to them instead of reading a boring instruction manual. This style creates an atmosphere that invites the reader in and allows him to engage in what Lamott is saying not just dismiss the article.
Throughout the article, I enjoyed the writer’s style. It was as if Lamott was personally telling me this advice instead of reading a dry, boring instruction manual. This method allowed me to pay attention and retain what I was reading. I also enjoy the casual tone. Humor is expertly mixed throughout to give the article a more natural storytelling feel. It also keeps my attention because I can relate to some of the

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