Ocean Of Wisdom: The Dalai Lama

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Ocean of Wisdom” that what simply means the Dalai Lama, has one of the most famous, recognizable face and character in the world, so charm and familiar, he seems to be everyone's hero and leader. Yet Tibetan and the press call him a "god" (he says he is no one special) or a "living Buddha" (he says he is just a human being who happens to be a Tibetan and chooses to be a monk). In some circles he is highly respected for his scholarship and tackling poverty and fighting ignorance. In other circles he is accused and ridiculed as a dim bulb, hypocrisy and lack of wisdom. He is a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and ecological activist who inspire millions, yet he is also demonized as a tyrant who incites violence, hiding under the Cloak of Religion. Who truly is the Dalai Lama?!…show more content…
The "Great Fifth" formed a military alliance with the Mongol leader Khan. When two other Mongol chiefs and the ruler of Kang, invaded Tibet, Khan defeated them and declared himself king of Tibet. But the popularity of 5th Dalai Lama among the Tibetans remained him the real “king” Then Khan declared the fifth Dalai Lama as the spiritual and temporal leader of Tibet! Not far away, as long Tenzin Gyatso was identified by Tibetan as the sixth Dalai Lama because he had the same privilege of political ruler of the Tibet in 1950 during the invasion of Tibet by China. The sixteen years old monk at that time, Gyatso was enthroned by the Tibetans ruler of Tibet. Taking the war against china to the next level in many forms of military battles and diplomacy, representing the Tibetans as the best negotiator in many peace talks with china, then lading them to the uprising of 1959 against China ended up with failure and eliminated him and supporters to
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