Short Narrative Essay On Washington Dc

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I turned to my family and saw that they were all looking around to each other with a bewildered look. “Is there something wrong?” I asked curiously. All I received back was a perplexed expression from my mother and sister and concern on dad’s face. Seconds later, my dad announced, “I think we should hurry back to the hotel.” All I could think about was what could possibly be important enough to rush back from an enjoyable walk through the heart of Washington DC. When I first discovered that the sky had changed to an unusual magenta color, I was stunned; however, this was before I felt the tenacious wind pushing me around like an older sibling. At that moment, I realized why my parents had a worried look in their eyes. There was no way …show more content…

I was also shivering, not from the cold, but from the burst of adrenaline. By now, the wind was so strong that I could barely move. I stopped and shielded my eyes from the blinding rain attacking my face. There were at least four inches of water on the ground, which made walking a very difficult task. My grandpa must have noticed that I was struggling because he ran to me, grabbed my hand, and proceeded to pull me down the sidewalk while we splashed through the street. I was extremely worried about my family, hoping nobody was alone or lost. I scanned my surroundings and they were nowhere to be seen, which made me also afraid for …show more content…

We wrang out our clothes and hung everything up as best we could. We were not surprised when the lights flickered out as a result of the storm. As we calmed down, everyone was sharing their similar stories, and from my perspective, I had the best one to tell. Since we could not shower due to the loss of power, we all sat near the window and watched the storm continue to thrash. Bolts of lightning and sheets of rain crossed the sky. I was astonished by the sight of lightning striking the Washington Monument not far from where I was peacefully

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