Short Story Of Tuck Everlasting

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In the story Tuck Everlasting there is a girl Winnie who i tired of constantly being bossed around. One mourning he goes into her wood(a small forest across from her house that her family owns) and sees a boy Jessie drinking a glass a water. Being thirsty Winnie ask for a drink of water. Jessie nervously denies her and the next thing she knew she was on a horse being kidnapped. She wastold shehad to be kidnapped. The water she wanted to drink was special it made you live forever. The Tuck (the family that kidnapped Winnie) drank that water and now they lived forever.She was kidnapped so they could show winnie why she could not tell anyone about the water. She liked the tucks so much that when Mae Tuck got arrested for murdering a guy trying

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