Sioux Drive Monologue

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Chandeliers, gold plated silverware, the lights that were oh so bright. An abundance of elegant and extravagant foods with green leafed garnishes. Food that could feed a small village in Aafrica, let alone just a family of three or maybe four. We've had more than we could've ever asked for. Did we ever? Everyone’s so judgmental, so harsh on us, so harsh they don't ask at all? So much so they couldn't bare that I wasn't different or they couldn't bear my burden. Do you see our similarities? Or do you only focus on the differences. “How I Contemplated....” how I contemplated, I miss him so much, He’s the only one to show me love. He’s is my first love, my first everything. I wish i could tell someone, but who really cares to listen. I hate …show more content…

Here on Sioux Drive you can hear nothing,feel nothing, even taste nothing but money and shriveled up corpse hearts that beat at the same pace. I wish someone would be irregular other than me. Other than brother but they shipped him off a while ago. Fathers always working and Mothers out with the ladies from the Detroit Athletic Club or or was it the Golf Club? Oh it forget, but does it matter? They don't feel the same things i feel, like love. “Where are you going….” Junes finally home! oh wait she never left. June is 24, and is just like our mother, there noses are up in the air. I always used to think it was because Mother was always disappointed in me. June is her pride and joy. She always says “It’d be a blessing of a life, if only you were like …show more content…

In desperation for attention by anyone, especially from her parents. She was socially and economically inclined, with the best of everything. Yet, still yearning for attention . The young innocent lady ventured out to downtown Detroit. Where she found what she was looking for but the worst kind. She met a man of 30 or so named Simon whose profession was to escort women. There she found he gave her the attention she so desperately needed and with that fell from a sad becoming teenager to a used piece of property. “Where are you going….” A young girl the age never specified but in close range. Was always in the shadow of her older sister named June. She was the mother's favorite and always seemed to be better than the main character. She met a group of sketchy boys that showed up at her house and tried to get her to come out. For god knows what, The ending of the story is unclear but you can conclude that she got taken advantage

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