Short Summary: How Drought Land Landed Farmers Poor?

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Drought lands landed farmers Poor
By R. Jannathul Firdouse
The essential need for human to live in earth is oxygen, water and food. India is the country which has Agriculture as its primary sector. Recently, Farmers death toll becomes at least one in a day. In the Government database, ‘Agricultural census,’ the operational holdings of agriculture is getting reduced as year increases.
Farmers and Agriculture is mostly handled by generations. In cities, when there is no proper fund or revenue in agriculture many change their job from agriculture. In villages, it is found that they feel their prestige gets down, if they do not farm having agricultural land. Hence, even being poor, few did not know to do other jobs and few are not ready to change their occupation.
There is association for farmers to say their problems to the
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If we fail to do farming in our land, people speak badly about us; hence, many farmers do agriculture to endure their cachet in their society.”
He fraught, “In Kattupalayam, Nellore and many places in Tamilnadu where agriculture is primary in past days have already extinct due to famine of farmers.”
Mostly the families working in agriculture field in villages are found to be not educated as their desire and generation occupation is to do agriculture, they are mostly not aware of the schemes that are provided to them. Even if they are aware, they are not getting it. If this continues, slowly the farmers who depend only on farming might fall to below poverty line which automatically pushes them not to depend on agriculture which might improve the deduction of agriculture land. This instantly increases the price of food

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